Ukraine Triumphs: Reclaims Oil and Gas Platforms Off Crimea From Russia

In a resounding declaration of sovereignty and strategic prowess, Ukraine announced on Monday the successful recapture of oil and gas platforms situated offshore Crimea, which had been under Russian occupation since 2015.

Termed the “Boyka Towers,” these oil and gas drilling platforms, nestled in the waters of the Black Sea off the Crimean coast, have now returned to Ukraine’s control. The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine shared this momentous development through a social media post, complemented by a YouTube video showcasing the restoration of authority.

The occupation of these crucial drilling platforms by Russia dates back to 2015, following the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014. Ukraine’s triumphant retrieval of the Boyka Towers is being hailed as a remarkable and distinctive operation.

The Ukrainian military intelligence emphasized the strategic significance of this achievement, noting that Russia’s loss of control over these towers curtails their potential for military utilization. This pivotal shift in control also has broader implications, depriving Russia of unfettered control over the Black Sea’s waters and, in turn, bringing Ukraine one step closer to the ultimate goal of regaining Crimea.

During the operation’s execution, Ukrainian special forces engaged in a dramatic battle with a Russian Su-30 fighter jet, marking a high-stakes confrontation. Remarkably, Ukrainian forces managed to strike the Russian aircraft, compelling it to retreat—a testament to Ukraine’s determination and capabilities.

Recent weeks have witnessed Crimea and the Black Sea evolving into a focal point of conflict in the ongoing war stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Notably, at the close of the preceding month, the UK Ministry of Defence reported intensified hostilities between Ukraine and Russia centered around strategic oil and gas platforms in the Black Sea. These platforms are under the purview of Chernomorneftegaz, an oil and gas entity seized by pro-Russian authorities in Crimea in 2014.

Since the onset of Russia’s comprehensive invasion in 2022, Ukraine has carried out precision strikes on various Russian-controlled platforms. Both nations have intermittently deployed troops to assert dominance over these strategic assets, underscoring the pivotal role they play in the region.

Ukraine’s reclamation of the Boyka Towers signifies a significant turning point in the ongoing struggle, reaffirming the nation’s resolve and resilience on the global stage.

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